Joey Davis

Assistant Professor | CV | jhdavis[at]mit

Having worked in Bob Sauer's group as a Ph.D. student, I'm thrilled to return to MIT to start my lab. After graduating, I was the first employee at Ginkgo BioWorks, a local synthetic biology startup company and later was a post-doc in San Diego where I was jointly advised by Jamie Williamson and Malene Hansen. I'm excited to be back in Boston and look forward to watching our group grow!


Gina Lee

Administrative Assistant | GinaLee[at]mit

Gina comes to the Davis lab with extensive experience as an administrative assistant as well as a bachelor's degree in Biology. Gina keeps the lab running smoothly and coordinates all of our finances; we're thrilled to have her as part of the lab.



Osvaldo Cruz-Rodríguez

Postdoctoral scholar | osvcruz[at]mit

Osvaldo trained in the labs of Jorge Iñiguez-Lluhí, Roger Sunahara, and John Tessmer at the University of Michigan before joining the Davis lab. Using biochemical and structural approaches, Osvaldo is working to understand how cells initiate autophagy and build the protein and lipid structures required to form autophagosomes. He’s also a fantastic mentor - seen here working with a first-year rotation student.

Gustavo Sanchez

Research Associate | sanchezg[at]mit

Gus joined the lab after having earned his bachelor's degree in Molecular Biophysics from Yale and is interested in learning some biochemical techniques before he applies for medical school. Currently Gus is performing pilot experiments to measure autophagic flux in S. cerevisiae cells.

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Ellen Zhong

Graduate Student | zhonge[at]mit

Ellen worked at D.E. Shaw Research before coming to MIT to learn some experimental biology. She is currently developing computational methods to determine structures of highly heterogeneous assembly intermediates by single particle cryo-electron microscopy.

Bertina Telusma

Graduate Student | btelusma[at]mit

Bertina started her research career at MIT in the Bell lab as an HHMI EXROP student. In the Davis lab, Bertina is now working to measure autophagic flux using pulse-labeling mass spectrometry in yeast, with the goal to extend this methodology to other organisms.



Samantha Webster

Graduate Student | Sweb[at]mit

Sam completed her undergraduate training at CU Boulder in Rob Batey's group. When she's not backcountry skiing in Colorado, Sam applies biochemical and structural approaches to understand autophagic substrate targeting.

Andrew Grassetti

Postdoctoral scholar | Setti[at]mit

As a graduate student in Scott Gerber’s lab at Dartmouth College, Andrew developed and applied proteomics techniques in order to better understand the mammalian cell cycle. Currently, he is investigating the role of protein phosphorylation in autophagy, both mechanistically, using biochemical and structural methods, and at a systems level, through the use of mass spectrometry based phosphoproteomics.




davis lab mascot | ruff[at]

Hana is primarily focused on carrots. And sticks. She loves sticks.


  • Matthew Ellison - Spring 2017 UROP student, MIT Mathematics undergraduate student.

  • Victor Reyes - Spring 2017 UROP student, MIT Computer Science undergraduate student.

  • Sebastian Coupe - Spring 2017 rotation student, MIT Biology program. Sebastian joined the Fakhri Lab.

  • Meghann Kasal - Spring 2017 rotation student, MIT Biology program. Meghann joined the Baker Lab.

  • Talya Levitz - Spring 2017 rotation student, MIT Biology program. Talya joined the Drennan Lab.

  • Alyssa Anderson - Spring 2017 rotation student, MIT Biology program. Alyssa joined the Imperiali Lab.

  • Avi Singer - Spring 2017 rotation student, MIT Biology program. Avi joined the Keating Lab.